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Crossing the Line: Eurospectives (CtL)


Partners: UK, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria
Period: 01.10.2009 - 30.09.2011

Merseyside Expanding Horizons (MEH) will work in partnership with URBEATZ to develop and adapt an innovative DVD “Crossing the Line” - for use in other target countries.

The current DVD uses art based performances by young people to focus on youth issues. Our aim is to develop the product by sharing experiences amongst partners, adding material and ensuring that the curriculum, learning materials and DVD are adapted by each partner to reflect the situation in their country. The DVD will use input from young people in each of the partner countries and will be tested in close co-operation with the target group. The new product will be called “Crossing the Line: Eurospectives and will comprise of a DVD and accompanying workbooks. Crossing the Line: Eurospectives will highlight the issues affecting young people in each of the participating countries, the product will be targeted at VET trainers working with young people.

The Project will engage at risk young people in a positive activity to address issues of community cohesion and to build better understanding between different groups, specifically ethnic and faith groups. This will provide a European perspective on Youth Culture, disengagement and engagement. Crossing the Line: Eurospectives will explore a wide range of factors which influence a young persons transition to adulthood and will recognise the need to dispel negative perceptions of young people.

This will provide an invaluable tool to our target group of VET trainers working with young people. The partnership consists of two Partners from the UK, MEH who will lead the partnership and URBEATZ who will provide the expertise on youth issues and the technical filming/production expertise. Our other partners are from Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and the Netherlands and provide a good coverage in terms of the spread of countries/different cultures etc, as well as a range of expertise e.g. training in a college environment or with a non-governmental organisation and experience with specific groups i.e. Roma young people, experience of European Youth Issues. Long term impact is a development of an understanding of the issues affecting young people in their own country and other EU countries.

The aim for the target group of VET trainers working with young people is to enable them to gain a greater understanding of the group that they work with and to enable them to develop competencies to deal with that group effectively. The VET trainers will be able to utilise the DVD and workbook to explore a range of issues with the young people they work with. The impact on VET systems would be a raised awareness within the wider VET sector of the importance of gaining a greater understanding of the needs, issues and problems of their beneficiaries/clients that they are teaching, the potential to modify recruitment practices, teaching practices etc to accommodate specific needs and an increased empathy with students from differing backgrounds.

Project team: Gabriel Dobrescu, Mugurel Paunescu, Emilia Gheorghe

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