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BUCLE CIRCULARE (CIRCULAR LOOPS) - Circular economy from social enterprises to their customers
Partners: Austria, Portugal, Romania, Italy, Germany, Spain
Reference number: 2020-1-AT01-KA202-078021
Period: 01.09.2020 – 31.08.2023
EU Commission encourages the implementation of an inclusive green economy, able to generate growth, create jobs and reduce poverty through sustainable management. Most
initiatives delivered leave behind social enterprises - a strong job creator and business developer reaching 2.8 million social economy enterprises in EU, employing about 19.1 million people. An overview from partner countries showed that progress arose on circular economy training, but yet with little expression, and it’s a fact that no partner has specific trening measures for social enterprises.
CIRCULAR LOOPS aims to foster the approach of circular economy in social enterprises, by promoting the concept of social circular economy. The project looks for the creation of a
transferable package of resources to improve knowledge about social circular economy in each context.

Circular Loops objectives are:
- To identify social economy practices across partner countries, its characteristic and key successful factors;
- To co-create a creative methodology and methods to support managers of social enterprises to introduce circular economy in their businesses;
- To setup a learning programme for managers of social enterprises to boost social circular economy practices;
- To adapt the ‘social circular business model canvas (SCBMC)’ into digital and using a strategic design approach;
- To design and implement a peer-mentoring programme for social enterprises to guide them into the process of ‘go circular’.
To achieve these objectives, partners develop 3 intellectual outputs:
IO1-Mapping the Scene: inspiring practices and methodology to go social circular: methodological framework starting with an onsite analysis of each partner country regarding
practices being implemented and which could inspire innovation;
IO2- Enabling solution for social enterprises to ‘go circular’: systemic and integrative learning programme, which comprises the implementation of the methodology created (IO1), a learning materials to expand the knowledge of managers of social enterprises;
IO3 - Peer-mentoring programme: group mentoring process to support and advise managers of social enterprises to implement circular economy principles in their businesses.
Circular Loops expected results are:
- 35 inspiring practices from social enterprises to incorporate circular economy documented in 1 catalogue
- 20 techniques which compose 1 methodology for development of circular economy in social enterprises
- 1 online learning platform for digital learning, embedding the process of ‘go circular’
- 1 course curricula to guide the learning programme
- 12 face-to-face materials, 18 online materials and 1 step-by-step process available through the online learning platform, composing 1 learning programme to boost circular economy
for social enterprises
- 1 board game by challenging managers of social enterprises and mentors to develop and monitor the process
- 6 specific resources for mentors within 1 peer-mentoring programme created to support directly managers of social enterprises, covering group mentoring (goal-oriented model/
structure) and packed into 1 instruction manual for mentors
-1 instruction guide for social enterprises, on how to use the methodology, methods and the game
- 24 social enterprises involved in the collection and validation of inspiring practices
- 72 consumers involved in the research phase (IO1)
- 36 experts in the field involved in the validation of IO1
- 108 managers of social enterprises engaged in the learning programme
- 6 trainers involved
- 18 volunteer mentors involved
- 235 stakeholders, managers of social enterprises, experts in circular economy and social business, adult educators, business advisors, advocates, policy-makers, among others, in
multiplier events
- 723 people accessing the online learning platform
- 20 staff and volunteers members of partner countries reached by 1 short term joint staff training
- 6 transnational project meetings, involving a total of 62 representatives of the partner organisations, from 6 different countries
-6 validation workshops within IO1
- 12 pilot events for the learning and mentoring programme
- 54 group mentoring sessions
- 12 multiplier events, including 1 final conference
- 6 country reports on the experimentation phase and 1 pilot report
At the end of the project, partners foresee that managers of social enterprises successfully complete the learning and mentoring programme, rating it with good satisfaction, being
committed with a circular economy implementation plan and disclaiming it to customers and suppliers. Moreover, partners look for requests from managers of social enterprises for further training and capacity-building for their staff.

The European Commission's support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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