An Innovative Modular Dual System Based on Business Processes Modeling and Simulation for Company Oriented Vocational Education and Training (InnoVET)

The significance of vocational education varies considerably throughout the states of the European Union. The situation in Greece e.g. can be considered as an example of occupational selection behaviour by adolescents graduating from secondary education that is influenced primarily by the aim to attain the highest possible educational level: In favour of presumed better career perspectives, the path of vocational education and training is quite often disregarded.

In view of the considerable unemployment rates among young people in several European countries a mismatch problem between company needs and education output becomes apparent.  The proposed project intends to generally raise the esteem for vocational education and training (VET) as a career option for young people and support recently begun relevant changes in different countries like Greece and Romania.

The main objective of the project is to promote open and innovative education, training and youth work with the implementation and adoption of an innovative modular VET BSIT Tool in order to model and simulate business processes of real enterprises. Modeling and simulation of business processes of real enterprises is the cornerstone of the project since the establishment of a virtual lab is going to serve that purpose and it will be an invaluable tool for educators and enterprises due to its modularity and it will also stimulate and engage not only VET students but also current employees, educators and entrepreneurs. In this way, the transition from education/training to the world of work will be enhanced.
These aims will also be pursued by organizing different workshops and establishing networks with the relevant stakeholders by stimulating transfer of know-how between VET experts in different EU countries.

The project contributes to change a purely school-based VET system step by step towards a dual (school and company-based) VET system. This will be affected by creating supportive materials and instruments (action guidelines), which can be applied also to other countries.

Project managers: Carmen Marica, Maricica Herghelegiu



Between 27 to 28 February 2017 took place in Calarasi the workshop Realities and prospects of Romania dual vocational education, professional schools relationship with businesses and institutions responsible".