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B-Plan Second Round (B-Plan.2)

Reference number: 2012-1-IT-LEO05-02826

Partners: Italy, Romania, Poland, Slovakia
Period: 01.10.2012 – 30.09.2014

Entrepreneurial competences guidance and learning during the life of people could become a successful employment solution, and Europe should improve this field of intervention, still having lower performance in new business creation in comparison with other countries, US and Japan, or the BRIC countries.

Furthermore, the challenge to connect VET systems with the entrepreneurial world remains one hot issue for all educational agencies, which are engaged in VET and labour market inclusion, mainly of young people and women, also with migrant backgrounds. The project proposal aims at introducing and fostering, especially among youths, the entrepreneurial mindsets, with a particular focus on small businesses, cooperatives and social businesses, encouraging a stronger cooperation between VET system and the business world, transferring the model, which is based on the following assumptions:

• It is a framed path (it defines times and aims);

• It offers an individualized counselling;

• It foresees a flexible access to the services always opened (i.e. conflict management, specific services).

• The frame of the path answers to the need of giving to counsellors, services, and people a concrete proposal, defined by aims and times that follows an analysis and in-depth logic of the main aspects of the business start-up.

Our entrepreneurial guidance is centred on the person and his/her business idea, proposing a step-by-step exploration, visualization, recognition and on-field pathway in order to exploit one’s own entrepreneurial attitudes and skills to enter or re-enter the labour market or to change his/her working position.

Personal satisfaction and market sustainability are the two poles taken into account, focusing with our guidance model the individual empowerment through a “bilan de compétence” able to support the personal efforts to an informed and aware decision making process.

These values are common with the new partners, who will be engaged in the adaptation and testing in one new region of Italy (Sicily) and in three European countries: Slovakia, Romania and Poland.

Vocational and technical secondary schools students are one of the target groups, but we will test our model also with adults, in continuous training or simply people with an entrepreneurial idea, or young family business owners through the start-ups desks of the trade associations involved (Confapi Perugia and Confcommercio Umbria). Expected outcomes are to carry on a transfer of innovation from the Italian experiences to other three countries and to adapt methods and tools in terms of contents, languages and ICT, assuring a wide dissemination in all partners’ languages and in English. Overall outputs and outcomes will impact on the key actors of the VET system, linking it with local enterprises nets, answering to the learners’ need to experience a closer relationship with the working environment and the entrepreneurial world.

Project Manager: prof.Ciprian Pandea


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