Partners in adult learning (PALS)


Period: 01.08.2011 – 31.07.2013
Partners: UK, France, Slovakia, Portugal, Romania, Greece

The proposed partnership will promote and develop a culture of learning among adults, especially those that are disadvantaged and marginalised adults at the risk of social exclusion with limited or no access to education and training opportunities.

The partnership will set up a sustainable network of "learning circles" in each participating country as a mechanism for reaching out to, motivating and widening participation in learning among disadvantaged adults. A "learning circle" is a series of discussions, demonstrations, readings and presentations through which the members of the group decide share their knowledge and experience, learn new information and apply and test new skills. The learning circles will utilise the social capital in local communities and help local residents become more involved in,  direct and take greater responsibility for their own learning. The learning will cover a broad range of subject, depending on the needs and interest of the learners, but at its core will be learning about sustainable development, the global (including EU) dimension, basic skills and using Information and Communications Technology.

The partnership will further develop the "learning circles" approach into a model, and produce a toolkit, to engage the wider adult adult community in learning, especially are disadvantaged, marginalised, socially excluded and isolated.