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Training for church guides and cultural heritage. Exchange about certified training courses for professional touristic guides


Partners: Germany, Austria, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria
Period: 01.08.2010 - 31.07.2012

In recent years an increasing interest in churches, monasteries and religious sites by tourists and visitors can be observed. Against this background the quality of trainings of church guides (CG) and touristic guides (TG) is of great importance for all actors involved.

The focus is the vocational training with certification. The partners are following different approaches in the field of "Continued Vocational and Educational Training" (CVET). It combines the different interests and experiences of the partners in a useful way to enhance personal and professional development. It focuses on competency and capacity building. So an exchange of experiences about methods and training results will be useful for quality improvement.

The aim of the partnership is to increase the competence of CG/TG (knowledge, creative potential and didactic skills). A special focus of the project is, how to integrate information about churches, local/regional history and cultural heritage, as well as an increase of awareness of ones own cultural identity. Also aspects like the use of creative methods within the training courses are important issues. The proposed main results of the project are:

  • SURVEY: State of the art, present activities and fiture goals;
  • TIPOLOGY of guided tours in churches;
  • INFORMATIVE MANUAL about good guidance practice;
  • LEARNING MANUAL wiht a set of didactical tools;
  • GLOSSARY for CG training;
  • Selected MODULES for the practical training of CG tested by trainers and trainees Selected modules and important aspects (topics, local resources and methods) will be documented and published in the web.

Project team: Gabriel Dobrescu, Carmen Marica, Reghina Georgescu


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