Implementing Social Pathways to ameliorate the situation of wandering homeless persons (ISPAW)


Partners: France, Italy, Romania, Poland, Latvia
Period: 01.08.2009 - 31.07.2011

The aim of the project is to transfer competences as well as to exchange professional methods helping social structures to welcome and to accompany homeless persons.

The targets are associations or institutions which accommodate and coach youth suffering from family breakdown, on the way to marginalization and without a real home. The final target comprises wandering youth, (often with dogs) taking into account the fact that the modalities of accommodation and welcoming are not totally suitable. Results will be as follows:

  • A comparative study including a horizontal analysis as well as recommendations provided by the persons involved in the project;
  • A collection of good practices including a horizontal analysis carried on thanks to the SWOT(strength, weakness,opportunities, threats) and PEST (political, economical, social, technonological environment analysis) tools;
  • A practical bibliography useable by all stake-holders (paper and internet based);
  • The dissemination will be targeted towards social professionals but also all persons and structures concerned by the topic, so those entities will be able to join the network, providing their own expertise useful to the final target;
  • Organisation of conferences by the partners at the end of the project;
  • Creation of a web page dedicated to the project.

The main objective is to find out how to ameliorate the modalities of accompaniment and accommodation. The special objective is to adapt tools used to implement the social inclusion of young homeless persons. To achieve those aims we need to collect good practices and to exchange about it, but also to transfer the relevant ones which are not very wellknown.

So we want to work on a European level with several actors of social inclusion, trying to define better the necessary milestones: welcoming people, social assessment, individual action plan, coaching (based on a holistic and soft approach of the individual) employability, jobsearching, job coaching. We shall create new ways to increase the awareness of key actors, so to harmonize the practices of the practicioners (social workers). It is obvious we need to build up an operational network (at all levels) allowing the inclusion of young wandering persons in a less hostile social environment.

We shall check the transferability of the so-called good practices related to the different categories (precarious housing, homeless persons, non suitable accommodation, young wandering persons, the so-called "tramps"). A second step will allow us to develop awareness tools to be used in the actual and local conditions. It will allow young homeless persons to be motivated and to be included again in the mainstream.

The project will allow us to initialize a network through the activity of its components. Thanks to the methodology carried on (sensitization and sharing of knowledge) there will be a co-learning phenomenon by all participants in the project. Consequently the partners will be capable to implement the network planned, trusting each others and carrying out real activities with the final targets.

Project team: Gabriel Dobrescu, Mariana Stoiculescu, Daniela Gradea, Gabriela Aldea 
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