Learning in action for a new citizenship education system (LANCES)


Partners: Italy, Germany, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria
Period: 01.10.2008 - 30.09.2010

2005, European year of Citizenship, left us an important drive for adult education, “learn to experience democracy”.

It is still an urgent issue in this time and mainly within the framework of lifelong learning, as a basis for the improvement of active citizenship and the promotion of a democratic culture. Furthermore, looking for the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue in 2008, we intend to integrate educational pathways targeted to active citizenship and democracy with specific initiatives to strengthen intercultural dialogue and common understanding among the different European cultures.

The project, promoting LLL as a fundamental right to active citizenship, intends to improve quality and quantity of lifelong learning supply through the development and testing of new methodologies, learning and teaching tools based on participatory approaches, involving the main stakeholders, and, among them, the adult learners directly involved since the phase of needs analyses. Impacts and outcomes are:

  • Local network agreements with public and private bodies acting in the field of the project, Research report, Community data base, Local coalition Agreements.
  • Joint projecting and testing of learning opportunities for adult people, in different urban contests (Rome, Berlin, Sofia) and Learning pathways handbook.
  • Comparative analyses on each experience: lifelong learning methodologies, learning contests, generated issues, participants’ profiles and their evaluations, teachers/trainers’ profiles and roles, and their evaluations, learning tools and Comparative Analyses Booklet.

Evaluation of project impacts through a Social Responsibility approach, following participatory modalities, as the European Awareness Scenario Workshop (transferable from Austrian partner Institut FBI). Support and promotion committees, Evaluation through stakeholders’ engagement processes, Diffusion and dissemination campaigns across the whole project.

Project team: Gabriel Dobrescu, Simona Stanculescu, Ileana Stancu
More information: www.lances.eu.com