Education as laboratory for integration (ELFI)


Partners: Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Romania
Period: 01.12.2007 - 30.11.2009

Education as laboratory for integration is a project that, in all its components, try to find innovative solutions in integration area trough the improvement of educational and training taff’s skills.

In order to achieve this final results, project partners have committed themselves towards the achievement of some specific and detailed objectives:

  • Identification of needs of teachers and vocational training staff and schools principals who have to face the challenge of immigration and of integration among immigrants and citizenship, often without having the right knowledge and tools

  • To support the life long learning policies of the vocational training staff and implementing quality in the educational systems (within the vocational training)

  • Producing specific products to support teaching units in the education and in the vocational training of adults. The outputs have an European added value as result of the work made in Co-operation with the partnership and should be consider in their fundamental aspects of quality and transferability.

Project partnership, representing 5 different EU countries, it runs a project work plan providing for a very large set of activities:

  • Analysis of the immigration case and description of the impact of this new phenomenon in the educational and formation systems

  • Collect and comparison of the didactic project and tools of work experienced in other European countries

  • Analysis of the needs of the teachers, training staff, school and formation institutions principals to individuate the competencies and knowledge

  • Preparation of the training for teachers, training staff and schools/ institutions principals

  • Testing and didactic validation of the training and assessment of the social impact

  • Organization of efficient plan of dissemination and transferability of the models produced in institutional and formative ambits and in a sphere larger than the partnership

In the context of these activities, the project tries to put in evidence the impact in the education/formation system in order to develop the potential of the human resources in the sector, teachers and trainers face daily difficulties on dealing with the foreign students, problems coming from different dimension of our daily life: didactic, extra–didactic, social and familiar issues.

In contemporary society it becomes imperative to find solutions to those problems and Education as a Laboratory project try to find them where foreign peoples receive a first and very important welcome that is into educational institutions. Solutions proposed by the project are made stronger and transferable by the common ground on which they’re built. This ground is represented by tested and validated responses (phases 3, 4 and 5) that the projects will provide in order to satisfy common needs and lacks emerging from researches (phase 2) implemented at national level where national level is represented by countries having a consolidated background (Germany and UK) in terms of integration and welcome policies, countries having a recent history (Italy and Spain) and a country, like Romania, living two similar and related problems: emigration and integration of internal ethnic minorities.

Project team: Gabriel Dobrescu, Reghina Georgescu, Elena Florea

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