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EntreComp Implementation (ECI)

Partners: Germany, Greece, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Poland

Reference number: 2019-1-DE02-KA202-006503

Period: 01.10.2019 – 31.03.2022

As early as in 2016 the EU Commission developed “EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework” to put forward a shared definition of entrepreneurship as a competence, to bring consensus among stakeholders and establish a bridge between the worlds of education and work.

“EntreComp” has the important task to start conversations and improve understanding of what it means to be entrepreneurial in all aspects of life and it establishes the importance of entrepreneurship and initiative and help to develop entrepreneurial competences to tackle economic, social and cultural challenges. Additionally the European Commission developed in 2017 a User Guide called “EntreComp into Action” to support the further use and awareness of the EntreComp Frame-work.

Although widely endorsed, the “EntreComp Framework” has not yet been adopted at systemic level in the field of VET nor tested in real settings. The Project EntreComp Implementation (ECI) has the objective of “operationalizing” the “EntreComp Framework” by developing implementation tools and training content for the European VET systems to adopt “EntreComp” in operational environments and ignite entrepreneurship.
Needs and target groups to be addressed: ECI has selected 6 competencies along the three areas of the “EntreComp Framework” as following to work on:
1.2 Creativity: Develop creative and purposeful ideas
1.5 Ethical and sustainable thinking: Assess the consequences & impact of ideas, opportunities and actions
2.1 Self-awareness and self-efficacy: Believe in yourself and keep developing
2.5 Mobilizing others: Inspire, enthuse and get others on board
3.1 Taking the initiative: Go for it
3.3 Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity & risk: Make decisions dealing with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk
The project partners have chosen these competencies because they are personal soft skills, which are very important for creating a successful business, especially under the new circumstances of disruption processes, artificial intelligence, smart technologies etc. These soft skills need special attention because they couldn’t be learned rather they should be developed very individually. Other more technical competences are well developed by study materials, curricula, handbooks guidelines etc. So, the proposed project could demonstrate its “Unique selling point”.
ECI will bring together 8 partners from 6 countries (Germany, Greece, Belgium, Italy, Romania and Poland) representing various insights, concepts and methodologies concerning self-employment and entrepreneurship competencies and skills, and their usefulness in VET and for employability. Such variety in experiences, expertise and knowledge allows ECI to build complementary expertise.
The project partners intend to involve approximately 300 local direct and indirect beneficiaries in two types of Actions, i.e. in six Multiplier Events (E1 to E6, approximately 15 local and 5 foreign participants each) and two LTTAs (C1 and C2; approximately 9 participants each). It’s foreseen to reach more than 4.000 (around 500 per project partner) other interested stakeholders by measures of media and non-media activities. That will be governmental organisations such as LEAs, Labour Office, Job Centres, quasi government agencies (local enterprise organisations), local authorities, academics, key national networks and organisations as well as organisations working with disadvantaged people.
The results of the IOs 1 to 3 will be :
O1 - An online Platform (Open Education Resource) to channel the innovative methodologies, tools and contents and make them available to the widest public in the VET ecosystem across Europe.
O2 - A model to implement the entrepreneurship competence framework in VET environments, both formal and non-formal. In this activity, partners will cross-reference the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework with ESCO and EQF.
O3 - Training tools and contents to operationalize the “EntreComp for 6 competencies among the 15 competences of the “EntreComp”Framework along the 3 competence areas of “Ideas and opportunities”, “Resources” and “Into Action”.
The project will produce immediate impact on the various organisations, target groups and stakeholders participating in the project in various capacities, both within and beyond the lifetime of the project. The project will immediately produce impact on the participants of project. Those participants will be the first ones to benefit from the training and explore formal and non-formal education in regards to the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework thanks to the innovative training and most importantly the educational tools that the project will provide.

At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, the Association for Education and Sustainable Development launched 4 new projects funded directly by the European Commission through the Erasmus + program, the KA2 Partnerships for Cooperation action:

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