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Raising the skills of adults on the margins of lifelong learning (ELEVATION)

Partners: Croatia, Poland, Romania, Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal

Reference number: 2019-1-HR01-KA204-060794

Period: 01.09.2019 – 31.08.2021

As Europe recovers slowly from the effects of the economic crisis there are some key benchmarks that were set as part of the EU2020 strategy that remain outside of the reach for most EU Member States on an individual and throughout the EU on a collective basis. One such target is the 15% adult participation rate in lifelong learning. With current rates of Romania 1.1%; Croatia 2.3%; Poland 3.7%; Cyprus 6.9%; Ireland 8.9%; Portugal 9.8%; none of the countries participating in this project have reached or exceeded the benchmark set.

Engaging marginalised adults in education and training can be a thankless task for educators equipped with no more than the basic pedagogic instruments and approaches. What is needed to attract reluctant learners back to education and training is a comprehensive new approach that ignores the traditional institution based provision focused on subjects and instead pursues a more open and expansive provision based on embedded learning techniques and 'open-house' community learning festivals. Rewarding even the smallest learning achievement is essential to encourage those re-engaged to continue their educational journey.

The ELEVATION project proposes to develop a comprehensive and bespoke new learning framework to attract those furthest from the mainstream back into education and training. The project will develop the following intellectual outputs to help achieve its objectives:
IO1 - A suite of 24 thematic mini-learning format resources for key competence acquisition that embed learning in artistic disciplines; cultural disciplines; digital and social media; sport and hobbies.
IO2 - An in-service training programme and handbook to support adult and community educators to harness the full potential of the bespoke embedded learning resources provided
IO3 - A community learning festival planning handbook that contains all the necessary plans and resources to organise a community learning festival
IO4 - A bespoke e-learning portal to ensure that marginalised adults have access to all learning resources provided on a range of fixed and mobile devices
IO5 - A thought provoking policy paper to fuel the policy debate among adult education authorities It is clear from the latest participation figures that current approaches need to be further expanded into non-formal and informal learning areas if the required participation rates are to be achieved.
During the lifetime of the ELEVATION project over 600 marginalised adults will be re-engaged in lifelong learning and started back on a learning pathway to inclusion and personal fulfillment.

At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, the Association for Education and Sustainable Development launched 4 new projects funded directly by the European Commission through the Erasmus + program, the KA2 Partnerships for Cooperation action:

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