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WE START! – Women Education and Strategic Approach for Training!

Partners: Italy, Greece, Romania, Austria, Germany, Cyprus

Reference number: 2018-1-IT01-KA202-006786

Period: 03.09.2018 – 02.08.2021

WE START! is a strategic partnership project for innovation in the field of VET lasting 35 months. The priority to which it responds is that of social inclusion. In particular, the project intends to develop participation processes, active citizenship and social inclusion; to increase digital skills to reduce gender differences; to favor access to the initial and continuing training of women aged 25-40 years who are European or „EU” citizens, non-European citizens, stateless persons, refugees, ROMs, single mothers, women subject to close family and/or religious ties, women living in rural areas. In order to support the active involvement of target women, the participation of professionals identified by the partners is foreseen among: trainers, sociologists, educators, psychologists, teachers and counselors.

To achieve the objectives identified, WE STARTS! proposes to carry out 4 Intellectual Outputs:

  1. a Guide to innovative technological methodologies, methods and tools to promote the social inclusion of women
  2. a Social Learning Platform (S.L.P.) that can be used and available on digital devices
  3. a Toolkit Assessment (Self-assessment, E-assessment, Peer-assessment) able to measure the skills (basic and transversal) of the target women of the project and any changes that occurred following the realisation of the paths through the S.L.P.
  4. a Policy Paper which aims to provide policy-makers with indications and suggestions regarding the social inclusion of target women, increasing levels of active participation, methods for facilitating access to vocational training and reducing gender differences on relation to ICT.

The Association for Education and Sustainable Development announces for 2021 the launch of a 2 new projects funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus + program, Special Call for creativity projects:

Building cultural intelligence and raising awareness of diversity through artistic disciplines (ACT IT OUT)

RecyclArt: projectual creative recycling to payback the environment

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