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  • To plan and implement complementary programs / courses of formal, non-formal and informal lifelong education

  • To setup local, regional, national partnerships and projects to apply the lifelong learning concept

  • To implement new ICT technologies (education through internet and computers) in order to improve education

  • To create an evaluation and assessment system of educational achievements according to the international standards

  • To plan and build an organized system of consulting, information and training for career guidance with a lifelong duration

  • To setup the strategy to promote lifelong learning program as part of modern life style

  • To elaborate and develop programs for early education; scholarship granting system for kids and young people with excellent results, also programs for seniors

  • To elaborate projects for senior citizens in order to integrate old people in programs aimed for an active old age

  • To create the conditions for recognized education by diplomas, certificates and qualifications

  • To design and produce educational software and learning portals as support for lifelong learning

  • To setup projects to get grants from programs focused on education of disadvantaged people (minorities groups, person in prison, immigrants)

The Association for Education and Sustainable Development announces for 2021 the launch of a 2 new projects funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus + program, Special Call for creativity projects:

Building cultural intelligence and raising awareness of diversity through artistic disciplines (ACT IT OUT)

RecyclArt: projectual creative recycling to payback the environment

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